"Smile Menu", our restaurant and take-out stores search service for food allergies, was introduced in "Sebone No.193, May 2020" published by the Social Welfare Corporation Setagaya Volunteer Association (*).

With the theme of "Toward a society where everyone can enjoy their meals with peace of mind," we and our service are published four pages in the special feature at the beginning (the article is written in Japanese).
With this publication, people in the Setagaya area will recognize our activities and we hope that the number of users of SmileMenu and the stores that wish to publish themselves in our service will increase. Even if you have food allergies, so that you can enjoy a day-to-day life with your family and friends, Food Allergy Association of Japan will make further efforts.
* Social Welfare Corporation Setagaya Volunteer Association
[URL] https://www.otagaisama.or.jp/
[Address] 2-20-14 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-0002
The Setagaya Volunteer Association, founded in 1981, is a private sector funded by people living in the city of Setagaya, Tokyo. It is a volunteer activity promotion organization to create a "Voluntary community" where people can help each other, share, and learn from what they can do when they have an interest in others and society. They promote volunteer activity promotion business such as coordination business to match people who want to participate in volunteer activities, and promote welfare services such as daily care and home-visit care.

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