Our name was changed on Feb.16, 2020.

New Name : Food Allergy Association of Japan

Old name : Food Diversity Association of Japan

We will continue our efforts to help those who have difficulty with food allergies.

We would like to ask for the continued cooperation of all concerned parties.

Changing the world,
one step at a time.

Join us in the journey.

Message from the President

Food allergy is a life threatening problem

It is not about like or dislike, but if a body intakes or comes in contact with certain substances, an allergic reaction will happen, and in the worst case, will suffocate and die.

Unfortunately, food allergies have many allergens and each persons reaction to this allergen depends on that person. Therefore, it is next to impossible to make simple rules to follow. Current Japanese law requires packaged processed food to display regarding major allergens, but is only recommended for food delievered, eating out or provided in hotels.

We understand that restaurants and venues alike will have difficulty opening these information because of possibility of allergen contamination in the cooking environment. Also the fact that people with food allergies are a minority, and does not become priority when thinking about business.

But food allergy is a life threatening problem, and eating is a must to keep living. Japanese food is not limited to people living in Japan, but is a serious problem for foreigners visiting Japan for business or for pleasure, and food allergens must be displayed in multiple languages to support these circumstances. We, the Japanese say we are an open country with many foreigners working and visiting Japan for sightseeing. We strongly believe that by providing an eating environment that allows people to eat safely and happily with a piece of mind is the true "Omotenashi" that we can provide.

I would like to pursue the above changes in our society. By solving problems regarding eating and food, I am on a venture to create a society with more smiles at the table.

割田 隆之
Takayuki WARITAFounder & President
Food Allergy Association of Japan





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