Our mission is connecting Food Allergic Consumers and Merchandisers, such as Restaurants, Hotels and Retailers.

Our project plan is following as of July 2019.

Primary project:

Restaurants Searching Service via Food Allergy Information

We will provide a restaurant research website with utilizing food allergy information.

* Authorized investigators will interview information about food allergies from merchandisers.

( [1] Policy, [2] Allergen Materials in each menus )

* We will provide a service for merchandisers to disclose the information that the merchandisers finally confirmed.

* We will provide a service for food allergic consumers to search an available restaurants and so on.

We will recommend and ask merchandisers for disclosing information in two languages, Japanese and English, and aim to create an environment that can be used by overseas travelers and overseas workers in japan, who have food allergies.

Secondary project:

A concierge service for foreign visitors to japan with food allergies.

We provide the bridge between association members and restaurants, hotels, and similar venues so that members can enjoy the vast Japanese cuisine provided here in Japan.