Why we do what we do

The association was founded when association president wanted to use his own time and dedication to improve food allergy problems, after living with his son for 7 years, who has food allergies (with anaphylactic reactions).

Japanese law was updated in 2001 where any type of packaged processed food must display regarding 7 major types of food allergens. But restaurants and other venues where they serve food directly has no obligation under this same law. Therefore, although there are some major restaurants that display food allergens, very little do so. That is the main reason when you have friends or family members who has food allergy, it is very difficult to eat out with a piece of mind.

Whether we have food allergies or not, we strongly believe in a society with which family and friends gather at a table, and eat safely and happily. We also believe that it should not be confined to one country, but be open to everyone from everywhere. We are working hard to accomplish this goal by starting with Japanese and English.

This social change movement can only be done with many good will of the society. It requires mutual understanding of restaurant and its customers, well-mannered behavior of users, and understanding and acceptance from the general public. Our immediate action is to shape each persons good will so that it will mean something for someone.

We sincerely hope that understanding and support from visitors to this site will be a strong foothold in pushing this social change movement to reality.

Note: Website of Consumer Affairs Agency "Food Labeling Act"


Food allergy 7 raw materials are following, specified with Food Labeling Act (JP Law) and mandated by Cabinet Office Order.

Food allergy 21 raw materials are following, specified with Food Labeling Act (JP Law) and recommended to display.

Issues and Solutions

(Our main project "Restaurants Searching Service via Food Allergy Information")

Our team

We just hatched, but together with professionals in the field, we will change the world with speed.

Takayuki WARITAFounder & President
Born in Tokyo, 1979.
Graduated with bachelor of Arts in Policy Management, Keio University. Joined DIVA CORPORATION (AVANT CORPORATION, changed the trade name. TYO:3836) as the 1st new graduate. Consultation and Project Management over 30 TSE listed companies in the fields of consolidated accounting and consolidated management. Proposed CFOs, CIOs and general managers to improve their operations though plannings and technologies. Promoted English Translation of in-house systems and lead DIVA's first overseas project to success in New York. Noticed AVANT listed to TSE and left in December, 2018. Founded Food Diversity Association of Japan in April, 2019.
Tatsuhito AndoDirector
Born in Chiba Prefecture, 1970.
Over 20 years of experience in developing software for embedded devices such as mobile phones.
Currently, President and CEO of his founded corporation since 2016, engaged in the development of Web systems for local governments and major corporations.
Junichiro WACHIDirector (Planed)
Graduated with bachelor of information technology, Keio University. Joined and developed Rolly (music robot), Cybershot (digital camera), VAIO (PC) BIOS, device driver and utilities in Sony Corporation. Started own business from 2009, helping develop iPad apps for B2B services. Currently helping startups with technology and technical consulting.
Atsuhiko YOSHIDADirector
Born in Tokyo, 1978.
Experienced consulting in the fields of operations and accounting for distribution and manufacturing companies at a major electrical manufacturer. Engaged in corporation strategy and planning as a director at a strategic marketing company. Joined Basic Inc. in September 2008, and developed and managed the marketing website "Ferret PLUS" as a director. Currently represented as the Chief Marketing Officer after joining to PORT Inc. in 2014.
Seiho NAKATADirector
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, 1962.
Graduated with the bachelor of Arts in Commerce, Meiji University and engaged in audits utilizing USGAAP for 7 years in a major auditing firm, Pricewaterhouse. Transferred to the former Pricewaterhouse Consulting, and developed and introduced consolidated management system in over 10 companies. Founded DIVA CORPORATION after leaving Pricewaterhouse Consulting.
Currently, President and CEO of Knowledge Network.Ltd after leaving DIVA and represented as Audit & Supervisory Board member of several companies such as CANON ELECTRONICS INC.
Tatsuya KAWAGUCHIDirector
Born in Tokyo, 1988.
Graduated with bachelor of Arts in Commerce, Waseda University and joined DeNA Co.,Ltd. as the first new graduate in the accounting department.
Engaged in accounting system renovation project, processing its standalone and consolidated account settlmentl, and IFRS disclosure. Passed the Certified Public Accountant Examination while working. Joined Loco Partners, Inc. in 2017. Transferred shares of family running "Kawayu Shoten Co.,Ltd." to "Clear Inc." and contribute the release of "SAKE 100" (the major business of Clear Inc.). Became director of Tatenogawa Brewery Co. in September 2021.
Serving as a public relations committee member of the Institutional Accountant Council of the Japan Certified Public Accountants Association, and a auditor of the certified NPO 3keys.
Shigeru SASAKIAdvisory Member
Born in Shiga Prefecture, 1980.
Graduated with the bachelor of Law, Kyoto University. Registered Japanese lawyer in 2007 (in the 59th generation). Member of Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association.
Currently, a member of Hanzomon Sogo Law Office.

Organization Outline


Food Allergy Association of Japan

Food Allergy Association of Japan

note: Non-profit General Incorporated Association

Our name was changed from "Food Diversity Association of Japan" on Feb.16, 2020.
Telephone Number +81-3-6403-9510
Facsimile Number +81-3-6893-3931
Establishment Date April 5th, 2019
Purpose of Activity This association aims to contribute to a wealthy society and development of culture by bringing happiness and peace of mind to ever diversifying food environment.Especially, contribute to maintenance of environment for people with limitations when eating, whether for biological reasons or religious reasons, and provide basis for a rich society where people can enjoy eating together.