May 15th, 2020 We have started SmileMenu in English, a food allergy compatible restaurant and take-out store search service.

We, Food Allergy Association of Japan, aims for people with food allergies to share a meal on the same table with friends and family, and be able to enjoy the time naturally.

People with food allergies feel the fear as if walking through a thick fog of fear and unease when eating out or eating prepared food. SmileMenu will light the way through this fog by providing food allergen information of each store, removing fears and uncertainty.

We asked and provided support to stores such as restaurants and delicatessen to disclose their food allergy related information so that the stores could materialize their good faith and had started "SmileMenu", a food allergy compatible restaurant and take-out store search service in Jan.2020. We are so much pleased to announce that "SmileMenu" is now available in English.

We sincerely hope that, through SmileMenu, people with food allergies, and restaurant and stores, will have better communication and have deeper understanding of each other, creating a place full of smiles. Please enjoy using SmileMenu, and try out this new communication tool. We welcome all feedbacks and comments so we can make the service even better!!

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