On Dec.1st, 2020, Food Allergy Association of Japan's representative, Takayuki WARITA, appeared on the program on FM Setagaya, the community FM station in Setagaya, which is the base area of our association's activities.

The program is "Deliver to the World! Setagaya OMOTENASHI (=hospitality) Project" that reports the real frontlines of hospitality in All Setagaya, and we talked about what food allergies are, the story of the association's founding and how to utilize SmileMenu.

It will be rebroadcast on the following dates and times. Please enjoy!!

Broadcasting Station>
FM Setagaya 83.4mz

Date of Broadcast>
Tuesday, December 8, 12: 30 to 13:00 (rebroadcast) [in JAPANESE]

Internet Radio Link>
The radio is also enjoyed from the Internet:)

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