First extraordinary general meeting was held on August 27, 2019, where Mr.Tatsuya Kawaguchi was elected as a new director.
Other directors have also been confirmed this election.

Mr. Kawaguchi has a wealth of knowledge and activities related to the restaurant business, including but not limited to Japanese sake, in addition to background in accounting. In order to solve the problem of food allergies at restaurants, we decided to make use of his experience.
We would like to ask for the continued cooperation of all concerned parties.

Director of FDAJ (Food Diversity Association of Japan)
President : Takayuki WARITA
Director : Tatsuhito ANDO
Director (Planed) : Junichiro WACHI
Director (Planed) : Atsuhiko YOSHIDA
Director (Planed) : Seiho NAKATA
Director (Planed) : Tatsuya KAWAGUCHI


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